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Scott Broder is a product management Guru, a strategy Ninja, and a marketing Wizard with a rare mix of entrepreneurship and operating experience. As a venture-backed serial entrepreneur and startup CEO with several exits to his credit, he was CEO of Opalis Software (acquired by Microsoft) where he raised $20m in venture capital led a revolution in data center software automation. As CEO of YogaAccessories.com (acquired by Boxwood Private Equity), he raised $5m and grew the #1 eCommerce store on Amazon for sports/health. Scott was an early employee at Citrix (#86) and held roles in product management and M&A. Scott is now a professor at Gonzaga University and teaches technology entrepreneurship. Scott graduated from University of Miami - BA Computer Science (1982) and Stanford Graduate School Of Business SEP (2000).

Joe Broder is a coding machine. As a full stack developer with a passion for the UX, whether it's a proof of concept or MVP, Joe just makes it happen, and fast. Mobile or Web, on AWS or whatever, Joe gets it. Angular, Bootstrap, QT,  jQuery, Flask, Django, C++, Python, SWIFT, Jscript, Firebase or Mongo, or something new, Joe handles it. While still in high school, Joe graduated from MakeSchool in San Francisco and is now studying EE/CS at University of California at Berkeley.

Laszlo Antal for over 15 years Laszlo has been the CTO and technical backbone of Antal Consulting, a software development firm he founded with roots in Silicon Valley. When Lasz isn’t working on drone security and perimeter control applications for private contractors, or building new libs for the Oculus Rift, or working on the next version of his very own game engine, Raptor/GL, he is diving deep into deep learning and AI. He is a member of the Ubuntu Server Team, and one of the founders of One-Game-A-Month. Lasz has a BS in Computer Science and Automation Engineering from University of Technology and Economics, Budapest.

Joe Dumoulin is a machine learning algorithms and natural language processing guru. Joe has been working professionally on ML since before it was cool. Joe has spent the last 15 years leading an NLP research team and managing implementations as director of applied research at NextIT and has more large-scale production AI system under his belt than most folks you will meet in the industry. In his spare time, Joe builds IoT devices and trains them on the neural network he keeps at home. Joe also teaches programming and ML courses at both Whitworth and Eastern Washington Universities. Joe has an MS in Computer Science from Eastern Washington University (2008) and BS in Math and Physics from Gonzaga University (1982).

Donald C. Klein is an innovator with over 20 years’ experience in building new ventures, leading sales/marketing teams, and launching product development efforts.  Donald has helped drive successful exits at three venture-backed software companies (one IPO, 2 trade sales), including building sales organizations that have successfully sold into strategic accounts such as Facebook, Wells Fargo, Qualcomm, and JP Morgan.  In his consulting work, Donald specializes in pitch development, business forecasting, and product roll-out strategies.  Donald has two graduate degrees: London Business School - MBA (2004), Stanford University - MA (1994).